Heal : Daily prompt 

When words hit the places we hide
And actions hurt like cyanide 
The vanquished drink their blood
Grasping and gasping in a flood
Under submerged life on this earth 
Languished memories fallen in dearth
Where this life is a bluff and 
This body isn’t enough
Where sea meets the eye
And the heart meets the sky
And the joy is erstwhile 
While the Power turns senile.
We find
All faces of a kind with
Those lips coloured in fear
Of sycophants and ingratiating ears
Those sighs sheltering hope
Of novel lures to cope
And murmurs of a new morrow
When ropes unfurl all sorrow
And words mean words 
And ears welcome desires unheard 
And lips in unrequited entangle 
And eyes, eyes where hopes dangle
Where the heart still meets skies but 
Unbridled, unriddled joy is the prize.

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