The slumbering night will rise
Like vapours white
And silence
Whispers that turned into cries
Hands cradle the now violent sighs
And she is moulding the steps
What lies ahead
As we grasp hands with all you’ve known
Because all we’ve known is this plight
Of dead roses and red noses
Of crawling birds and whipped herds
We hear there’s a murder coming
To serve us this looming unkindness
I watch; but there are no ravens in sight.

Our hands shackled
Leave our feet restless
Thoughts meet with a stonewalled world
Thoughts that catapult into a storm
We have been quiet
For way too long
Humming lyrics of those songs
That told us the worlds ours to ignite
It must be so, but
I’ve been gone so long I really
Don’t care if I start this fight.


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