Light a fire
On a bed of hate
And put me in it.
Revel, as I take your bait
Scorn rising to the tips
of flames that you lit
Watch me burn to my hips
while you wait for them to impair
My body, I know
You care not for the mind
That sears in despair.
Don’t mourn me yet
I will survive
Just enough to thrive
With my captors,
And when the fire is about to die
I will kiss the feeble embers
And ignite
the flames that arrested me
The same fire
I will light.
I will be fomenting the inferno
Until they reach your chest
And kindling the flames
Until they smear your skin and
until they drown out your wails.
You set ablaze this everlasting fire
And it will not end
Until you join me in this fiend
And together we shall be fighting,
With our minds lit
Against those who aren’t yet
a part of this inflamed pit,
And then shall I be free.
Light a fire
On the grave of rights
and put me in it.

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