You whisper love songs in my ear
Inviting me frighteningly near
and humming sweet, arousing
ballads, kissing my eyelids, carousing
in my body undaunted, moving inside me
You trace the trembling of your fingertips
On to my skin, in soft red streaks
You brand the bottom of my neck with your impertinent roars of passion, the kind that causes wreck
Between our patiently clinging bodies
And when you set me ablaze 
In this pandemoniac haze
Fists clenched, words ready to strike
Suddenly from beneath my armour
I see the hands of my temptress
Reaching towards me 
In a covetous grasp
and I get a whiff of rose petals 
It’s trickling down my thighs and onto your tongue I taste 
blood like a sting of sweet metal
and we fall again together, 
in a haste, like
the change of the weather 
Into each other, 
And I find no safer place 
Than your soft embrace
It is more for me than just ecstasy
It is blurring lines of my reality 
But it is still palpable, that faded line
And every memory we have, you fold carefully into each crevice of my spine
An unbreakable bond 
my body shares with your words
You pour out your heart into my hand 
and light fires
of restless desire
into my bones, you teach me to swim
In this endless pool of love and no whim 
Will there be in remembering you 
I will draw you in my mind and colour you with my heart
I respire and aspire you, with you, for you
Together we are art.

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