The first time

Hello there, my sweet non existential readers. I have no idea on how to start off this blog. I also have no idea on how I want to start this blog. And not knowing something is very uncomfortable. It’s not so much the idea of showcasing my writing on a public medium that gets my T zone sweaty, as it is not knowing what to start off with. Which is why I’m going to inaugurate my blog with the mistakes I’ve made regarding blogging in the past year.

  • Ok so first, I get super excited about blogging and make 4 different blogs. HUGE mistake for a beginner.
  • Then of course I fail to post anything after the first posts I made.
  • And the best screwup of them all (and this happened just a few days ago) I delete all of them. Yep. All of the blogs. Even the ones with 7 and 8 followers which was kind of a big number to get after your first post. Even the one I liked. Why’d I do this? The answer is an enigma. Perhaps my days were going too smoothly and it was just too much for my brain to get used to.

Anyhoo, the major reason I’m writing here is because I wanna be heard. Or read. I want someone to know my story. The past 16 years of my life may not have been extraordinary or anything special at all. And I know I’m not old enough to preach or wise enough to teach. But I have learnt quite a few things, and it would be a major load off if I could tell it to someone. Even if that someone is a regular hypothetical reader on wordpress.

Good day.

Me and an apple. A metaphor for a healthy start.

11 thoughts on “The first time”

  1. Good idea to keep all your blogs as one… YOU are the unifying factor! And you can use the Menu and Categories to separate out the different stuff that you want to write about, and then people can find the stuff they are interested in too.
    Good Luck with the blog!


  2. I found you because you found me first, so thank you. I think there are two keys to blogging:

    1) You have to be a good writer, and clearly you have the knack.
    2) You have to suppress the urge to be private, and I think you’ve already poured a bit of yourself into your posts.

    That second one is the hardest thing, because it opens you up and makes you vulnerable, but it also shows that you are real, and it’s what gives you depth. It’s true that there are readers who are looking for superficiality, something that won’t burden them with deep thoughts, and can be brushed away like an insect, but true to form, those readers won’t stick around for long anyway.

    Good blogging is hard work, sometimes painful work, but the payoff is in the knowledge that you’ve produced something that makes the thinkers think, and once in awhile, might make you feel good, too.

    One final tip before I let you go: Don’t delete this one!


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